Counseling 101

  1. Finding the right match in a therapist is essential.  Research has shown over and over that the level of trust and safety you experience during counseling treatment is the key ingredient in healing.  Counseling is all about the relationship.
  2. Working together, therapy sessions are based in the present.  While exploring events in your life that have shaped you, we’ll look to the past but will not get stuck there.
  3. Memories and psychological patterns are deeply held in the body.  “Fight Flight and Freeze,” are anxiety responses learned at a very young age.  The effects of past experiences, trauma, fear and self doubt, is stored in our body, mind, and soul.  While this may sound “woo-woo,” there is empirical evidence proving the validity of this – well maybe not about the soul, but you get the picture.


What Does Therapy Look Like?

During our initial sessions we’ll examine changes you want to make.  See what’s holding you back, and create a plan to get you feeling more confident and able to be present in your life.

The initial goal will be to learn and practice coping skills to manage immediate symptoms interfering with daily life.  Tone down the volume of your internal critic.  Get a handle on some of that procrastination.  Soften the anxiety, the anger outbursts, the isolation.  Many clients report improvement in anxiety and daily coping skills within 10-15 sessions.

Then the real work begins.  

Often we come to counseling with a specific identified problem ~ say anxiety, panic attacks, low self esteem, or depression.  Then we find that there’s a lot more going on inside than originally thought.  The next level of therapy – what I consider to be the real work – is to further explore the origins of your life patterns. This means digging deep.  Taking time to learn about family of origin issues and look into past experiences that continue to affect your thoughts, and choices.  This is where the beginnings of true transformation begin.  This is when physiological changes can take place in your body.  This is when the magic happens.

Healing takes emotional investment and mutual respect. The results of this work can be life changing. 


We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” ~  Anais Nin


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