Oregon TherapistFirst and foremost, my approach to therapy is to be present and interactive.

All of the disciplines I work with have several things in common:

  1. They are based in the present.  Yes we will examine past experiences which have shaped you – but we won’t get stuck there.
  2. They are relationship oriented.  Consistent research results all confirm that no matter what type of therapy or method used, the quality of the relationship between therapist and client is the common factor for change. This means that the level of trust and safety you feel is one of the key ingredients in your healing. Clinical studies confirm this over and over again.  This is where finding the right match in a therapist is essential.
  3. They are mind, body,  and spirit centered. All of our psychological patterns are deeply held in the body. Our nervous system drives automatic reactions such as “Fight Flight and Freeze.”  These reactions are often learned at a very young age through trauma and other experiences in our lives.


What Does Therapy Look Like?


Victoria-Corbett-TherapyDuring our initial sessions we will discuss your specific needs and which modalities will be most appropriate to helping you.  This may vary throughout your healing process and we will check in often to make certain you feel you are making progress toward your goals.

We may begin using cognitive-behavioral tools and practice being present using breathing and relaxation techniques to help manage and ease immediate symptoms that are interfering with your daily life. Many clients report improvement in coping skills within 5-10 sessions. This doesn’t mean that all of your struggles will go away.  The initial goal is to increase emotional regulation.  You may find yourself not as explosive as before, or begin to feel a lightness that has been elusive.

Often we enter therapy with a specific identified problem – say anxiety or depression and find that there is much more inside than originally thought. The next level of therapy is to further explore the origins of your life patterns. This will involve learning about family origin issues and looking at experiences in your life that affect your thoughts and beliefs about yourself.  Examining the beginnings of negative beliefs about yourself is where the beginnings of true transformation begin.

Healing takes emotional investment and mutual respect. The results of this work can be life changing.