Oregon Therapist

Some ways we’ll work together:

  1. We’ll be based in the present.  Yes we’ll examine past experiences which have shaped you – but we won’t get stuck there.
  2. Therapy will be relationship oriented.  All research shows that the level of trust and safety you feel is the key ingredient in your healing.  This is why finding the right match in a therapist is essential.
  3. All of our psychological patterns are deeply held in the body. Our nervous system drives automatic reactions such as “Fight Flight and Freeze.”  These reactions are often learned at a very young age through trauma and other experiences in our lives.


What Does Therapy Look Like?


Victoria-Corbett-TherapyI’m not a “nod the head” kind of therapist.

During our initial sessions we’ll assess what’s holding you back, where you want to go, and create a plan to get you there.

The initial goal will be to increase emotional regulation. Using cognitive-behavioral tools, practicing mindfulness, and tapping into your strengths,  you’ll learn skills to manage immediate symptoms that are interfering with your daily life.   Many clients report improvement in daily coping skills within 5-10 sessions.

This doesn’t mean that all of your struggles will go away.

Often we enter therapy with a specific identified problem – say anxiety or depression and find that there’s much more inside than originally thought. The next level of therapy is to further explore the origins of your life patterns. This will involve learning about family origin issues and looking at experiences in your life that affect your thoughts and beliefs about yourself.  Examining the beginnings of negative beliefs about yourself is where the beginnings of true transformation begin.

Healing takes emotional investment and mutual respect. The results of this work can be life changing.