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Victoria “Tori” Corbett, LCSW

Victoria Corbett

Another night spent tossing and turning. 

Panic and uncertainty wake you up at 3 am.  You try to stay positive, but “what’s next” is always on your mind.  You know you’re worrying too much, because anxiety is interfering with work, relationships, and your ability to simply be present. 

Maybe you thought you’d dealt with it all ~ the past trauma, perfectionism, the stress of growing up with an alcoholic parent, divorce…

Now, the destructive self criticism is back.  

It seems like you’re always anxious, and just trying to get a grip.  Your brain is stuck on a spin cycle of worry, guilt and self doubt: “Why did I say that?” “Was I too pushy?”  “Did I look stupid?” “What if I can’t do it?”  “What the fuck is wrong with me?”

Sometimes you can’t help but wonder ~ Why am I trying so hard to prove I’m enough? 

Anxiety takes many forms ~ perfectionism, anger, low self esteem. insecurity, or overachieving.  Regardless of how it presents, anxiety is getting in the way of living, and it’s time to make a change. 

I Can Help

Every day I have the honor of working with women who want to change old patterns and find joy in their lives.  Women struggling to understand the origins of their anxiety, social anxiety, their fears, and self doubt.  Women who want to FEEL.  Feel heard. Feel seen.  Feel present.  Feel strong.     

Contact me for a free 20 minute consultation.  Send an email and please write a bit about yourself.  Let’s see if we’ll make a good fit.

Victoria (Tori) Corbett, LCSW

License: L10440

Counseling in Eugene, and Brownsville Oregon

Anxiety, Anger, Trauma, Depression, Relationships

  3003 Willamette St. Suite F Eugene, OR, 97405