Tori Corbett Counseling - Therapist, Eugene, Oregon

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Connection in a Disconnected World

Victoria "Tori" Corbett, LCSW

Victoria CorbettAs a therapist for over 20 years, I specialize in helping change old patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are creating distress, and making life difficult.

  • Anxiety / Social anxiety
  • Anger and irritability
  • Perfectionism and low self esteem
  • Navigating life transitions
  • Communication
  • Sexual Identity: LGBTQ; Speciality with bisexual issues
  • Relationship and family issues

Eugene OR TherapistDo you wish your feelings would just go away?  Truth is, avoiding them seems to work until they take over. Anxiety, frustration or loneliness set in and we become disconnected from ourselves and those we love.

But, does talking about about “feelings” even help?  Yes.

Clinical research has shown that counseling can help us make permanent positive changes in our lives.

Going into therapy can be difficult and perhaps overwhelming.

How do I choose a therapist?

Three of the most important things to ask yourself when you first meet with a therapist:

  1. Do I feel safe and really listened to?
  2. Do I feel understood?
  3. Do I believe that I will make progress?

Working in a safe and non judgmental space you’ll  be able to explore emotions, physical sensations, and beliefs that are harming your ability to connect with others. Learning internal negative self talk brings knowledge and power. With knowledge comes the courage to change and heal.