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Tori Corbett, LCSW

Victoria Corbett

It’s 3 in the morning, and your brain’s stuck in a familiar spinning cycle of anxiety, and self doubt.  

“Why did I have to say that?”  “Did it sound like I was trying too hard?”  “Nobody gives a shit what you think.” “Am I too sensitive?”

“Why can’t I stop worrying about what other people think?” 

As a bisexual woman, it’s often hard to feel at home in your own identity.  In a relationship with a man, people assume you’re straight.  In a relationship with a woman, you’re probably “just trying it out.”  

Sex is not always about gender.

Over all though, life is pretty good.  You have a good job, a safe home.  Sure, the sex stuff is hard sometimes, but really, things are okay.  So why does it always feel like everything is about to fall apart.  Like the shoe is going to drop at any moment.  Why are you pulling away from the people you love the most.  You’ve already been to therapy, and thought you’d dealt with all that stuff – perfectionism, childhood trauma, alcoholic parents, religion, feeling “too sensitive.”  But it’s back in full force.  Worry, anxiety, questioning your every move is getting in the way of everything.  Again.

Anxiety, anger, insecurity, overachieving… defending, explaining, isolating, perfectionism

Are you tired of feeling so anxious and worried all of the time?  Tired of sacrificing your needs, so you don’t make people uncomfortable?  Are you ready to dig deep and find the patterns?

It’s time to embrace your unique self.    

I’ve got you 

I specialize working with complicated, sensitive, overachieving women who live outside the box, but feel invisible.  Bi-sexual woman.  Polyamorous women.  Women who want to change old beliefs, and embrace the beauty of their unique self.  Women struggling to understand the origins of their anxiety, social anxiety, their fears, and self doubt.  Women who want feel heard. Feel seen.  Feel okay with exactly who they are. 

Let’s see if we’ll make a good fit.  Send an email, and tell me a bit about yourself.  



Tori Corbett, LCSW

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Anxiety, Anger, Trauma, Depression, Relationships

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