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Connection in a Disconnected World

Victoria "Tori" Corbett, LCSW

Victoria Corbett

Anxiety wakes you up in the middle of the night.  Procrastinating until the last minute keeps you from going to bed.  You know you’re worrying too much because now it’s interfering with your work, your relationships, and your health.

Capable, organized, and focused, you get things done.  You’ve accomplished just about everything you put your mind to, despite the many obstacles that have stood in your way. 


Normally people count on you


Now, it seems like you’re always stressed out, and just trying to get a grasp on things.  You find yourself avoiding places (and people) because you’re afraid of having a panic attack.  Decisions? Impossible.  If you get it wrong, you could look stupid, or worse, everyone will find out you’re a fraud.  Sometimes you wonder ~  Why am I even doing this?

You’ve talked a bit to family, to your partner, or to your friends, but you don’t want to burden them.  You’re ashamed to let them how much anxiety, and self doubt you’re really struggling with.  You’re afraid to let them know how lonely  and disconnected you really feel.

You’ve always been a “worrier.”  A bit “sensitive.”   So, now  (even though you feel like you’re dying on the inside) you don’t want to make a bid deal about it.  You don’t want people to think you’re just trying to get attention, or trying to be dramatic.  You don’t want to cause anyone more stress.

Anxiety can look like perfectionism, like anger, like low self esteem… regardless of how it looks, it’s getting in the way of everything else.

Maybe you’ve been to a therapist in the past and it helped…but the memories, the stress, the “stuff” you thought you’d dealt with is coming up again.  Now, it’s affecting your work, your relationships, and your health.


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Signs And Symptoms of Anxiety

  • Feeling nervous, restless or tense
  • Having the urge to avoid things that trigger anxiety
  • Agitation and restlessness
  • Excessive Worry
  • Having a sense of impending danger, panic or doom
  • Panic Attacks
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Trouble thinking about anything other than the present worry
  • Irritability, Tense Muscles
  • Irrational Fears
  • Trouble Falling or Staying Asleep

Why Therapy?

Does talking about this stuff even help?

Yes.  It does.

The truth about therapy is that it really works. Scientific studies consistently show that behavioral and emotional interventions work as well, if not better, than medication to treat anxiety, depression, and mental health issues like OCD.

Research has proven that the most effective tool in counseling (and the best predictor of change) is feeling heard and understood by your therapist. I work to build that connection in my office and create a lasting change.

Part of the problem is we can’t see our feelings — we don’t know where they’re stored in our body, and they seemingly appear out of nowhere during times of stress.

Therapy will help you identify the underlying patterns that keep you stuck and give you actionable tools to fight back.

I work with highly motivated stressed out professional people who are struggling with OCD, panic attacks, perfectionism, anger, self doubt ~ and ANXIETY.

Send me an email to schedule a free 20 minute consultation.  Let’s see if we’re a great fit.